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TFL Cargo Offers

TFL Cargo Offers


Transport Designed by TFL & The Family Bike Club... for London! A Different Way is Possible!


We pride ourselves here at TFBC on making accessible, cargo equipment that might ordinarily seem beyond the reach of the general public and enabling all the wonders of active travel. We have now gone one step further on this quest.

With the increasing density of private vehicles entering London's wider metropolitan area, and this coupled with the increasing cost of insuring & using a car or van, we felt the need to help contribute for local residents, who might be feeling the pressure of increasing costs of travelling around by car.

We want to help this and provide a genuine & affordable alternative. We want local residents & small business owners to see with their own eyes that there is a more efficient and healthier (for all!) and more engaging way of moving around the local area, especially with London's increasingly comprehensive web of cycle networks.

To this end we have partnered with TFL to put together a suite of one-off cargo offers to run concurrently with the ULEZ roll out to help those struggling make the switch to active travel.

Exclusive offers- for ULEZ scrappage applicants

a) 20% off all electric long tail Cargo PURCHASE for any ULEZ scrappage. Try for free for 2 weeks prior to purchase, no obligation. Use code 20OFF

b) 4 months HIRE for the price of 2 on all bike cargo for scrappage applicants (on our already affordable monthly rates) 4FOR2

Public offers- available to all using the below codes 

c) First month HIRE for £50 (normal price £160), on all electric cargo using code 50FIRSTMONTH

d) 30% off bike cargo Trailer PURCHASE; OR 3 months HIRE for £30 30CARGOTRAILER


These offers are open to all residents of the London area. We can also happily hand deliver any purchase or hires personally to residents of Enfield. This includes 2 week try-before-you-buy (offer A).

Process for offer redemption

To take up any of these offers please simply email us here, and include which offer you wish to take advantage of (a, b, c or d), together with your personal contact details and we will take care of the rest! We have a good range of electric and non electric cargo options that we will reply back to you can with and can then walk you through, in-person, to find the best fit for your requirements.

These fantastic offers won't last long and are strictly time-limited, so please get in touch ASAP to redeem any of your choosing!

Let's do London cargo-style!

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In Partnership

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