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Getting you and your family back in your (newly adjusted!) saddles!

We want to play our part in keeping, and more so, in putting back into circulation as many local bikes for local journeys as possible. To this end we offer a fully bespoke repair and servicing suite, from our in-house workshop.

Has your bike been growing cobwebs over winter and in need of a service prior to it taking to the roads again? Or if you have braved the elements during winter and your bike could do with a bit of tlc for its components and a tune-up? We have got you covered.

We offer 3 levels of service- a kids bike check and tune-up; our standard (or not so standard!) service; and an advanced service. Respective prices are detailed below

Child Bike Service

Kids bike (up to 20") Service- £30

Adult Bike Services

MOT- £25

Standard service- £55

Advanced service- £75

Professional service- £105

All our services include a thorough check of road worthiness (our own TFBC MOT (improved!) version of M and ABC style checks etc). This includes inspection of frame, forks, brakes, bolts, handlebars, headsets and tyres. We will ensure bolts are torqued correctly. We will advise of areas of wear to keep an eye on. We will also ensure the integrity of tyres is satisfactory and that they are pressurised to the correct level.

Our standard service includes all of the above checks in our TFBC MOT; subsequent adjustment and tightening; as well as component cleaning, degreasing & re-lubricating; gear indexing and adjustment; brake alignment and resetting where required. The cost of the fitting of any new parts is also included (parts not included)

Our advanced service also includes everything in our standard service as well as wheel truing and hydraulic brake integrity check; bleeding; refilling and recalibrating (where required).

Our professional service includes all of the above as well as complete strip down and cleaning of all parts and re-assembly.

We will always conduct a free audit of your bike prior to starting any servicing to try and identify any areas that might create additional cost in terms of any replacement parts that might be required to get things back functional (we will never replace items unnecessarily). 

Book your service by emailing us here  Please detail the service type required; the model of your bike; drop-off or to-door collection preference; and any issues with the bike that you are already aware of. We will get back to you promptly to confirm a service reservation slot for your bike.

Puncture Repair & Prevention Service

We also offer a puncture diagnosis and puncture repair service, as listed below.

Inner tube patch repair £7.50/ £12.50 single/double

Inner tube replacement £7 fitting plus cost of inner tube (usually £4-£7 depending on the brand)

Inner tube puncture prevention £17.50 (both wheels- including rim)

In direct partnership with Schwalbe we also offer a (complimentary) inner tubes recycling service for any old or damaged tubes. These tubes are sent away to be used in the production process for new tubes, hence reducing significantly the raw material and energy requirement for new tubes. This is part of our commitment to play a small role in a circular economy together with tyre manufacturers. We also intend to offer a tyre recycling service in the near future as soon as it becomes viable, watch this space! Please find further details of Schwalbe's tube recycling here

Bespoke Repair & Free Assessment

We also offer a bespoke repair service for any specific requirements (that fall outside of a normal service) and will happily provide a free assessment of your bike prior to any specific works carried out.

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