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Your cargo-carrying one-stop rental shop in London- for all your trailer hire and cargo needs


Local shopping? DIY materials run? Trip to the local recycling centre? Whatever your bike trailer hire-needs are- we've got you hitched!

With our trailers, and your pedal power, your local cargo-carrying possibilities just got turned on their head!

We know full well that the awesome power of bikes can be fully realised when partnered with the right trailer; no matter the task. 

Together we can help start to change the dynamic of local road use, one bike trailer load at a time!

Come to us with your requirements and we are convinced we will have the right setup for you.

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Medium & Long Tail Cargo Bike Hire

Perhaps our personal favourite in terms of kid-cargo bikes, purely for the level of unbridled fun involved!

We offer a range of different sizes of "tails". Medium tail to accommodate up to 2 small passengers; and long tail to accommodate up to 3! For those who are seeking the manouvrability of a standard bike and something that doesn't block a hallway or that needs to be carried up a flight of stairs, then this could be the one for you!

They are also great if you are continuing your journey onto a place of work and need to cover some distance, these awesome machines can definitely do this with ease!

bike & child seat 2 longtail 2.jpg


Regular (or not so regular!) Cargo Box Bike Hire

We offer different variations of cargo bikes. For those who are seeking great all round practicality and the versatility of a traditional cargo box bike, then this could be the one for you. 


They are great if you are mindful to have sight of any slightly precariously balanced cargo (we would always recommend avoiding this... or at the very least securing with plentiful bungee cords!) or keeping sight of little people on the journey at all times. The bikes are also incredibly sturdy and have a low centre of gravity so for those seeking stability, these magical machines can definitely provide for on this front in spades!



Expand your pooch's normal park peripheries (!) with our bespoke dog cargo options

Used to driving your furry family member to the normal park walkie spot? Change up their poochy possibilities with our multitude of bespoke dog-carrying cargo setups.

We all know dogs like to feel the wind in their fur on any journey wherever a window allows them; well now they can on every journey!

We have dog baskets for smaller dogs; box cargos for larger dogs; and even bespoke dog carrying add-on front cargo modules that can be added onto your existing bike to convert it to a fully bespoke dog cargo bike! Keep the cycle you love and make it even better with your furry friend on board for the ride!

Discover more of what we have on our doorstep and see how much they enjoy their new mode of transport even before they even arrive at their new walking spot. Visit us today to discuss and explore for yourself which option might work best for you and the real decision maker! And we really don't mind if you bring your dog with you when visiting us, we actually positively encourage this, so we can meet them too!

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