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Our Mission- Why we exist


The Issue

The conveyor belt of vehicles, and increasingly, larger vehicles, being seemingly endlessly deposited onto our streets, has squeezed the safe spaces remaining in our public realm for those attempting to walk or cycle for local journeys and have made local active journeys more fraught for pedestrians and families alike.

We felt an overwhelming need to take back even a minute shard of control for local residents; in particular for pedestrians both big and small, to offer an alternative that allows local active journeys to flow and movement to local destinations to be restored, without adding to the problem.

A Different Way is Possible

We want to help provide a small impetus for change this and provide a genuinely practical enabler towards an alternative vision. We want residents to see with their own eyes that there is a healthier, happier and more engaging way of moving around the local area, one with joy and smiles as part of the package, every time.

We believe we can help create this change by providing a small stepping stone that helps empower local residents, via accessible hire, with the ability to then easily adapt a small part of their lives, that then provides them with the tools to unlock all of the above and to enjoy local active journeys once more.​

Health, Happiness & Our Local Realm- The Joy of Movement!

Let's do this!

Our pledge to deliver- From humble beginnings

Emission-free mobility delivered to activate north London & enhance the health & wellbeing of our community.

The Family Bike Club was established in 2022, with the sole purpose to mobilise equality of access to family cycling capacity in the north London area. Courtesy of the generosity shown by local people via an amazingly supported crowdfunder we were able to take occupancy of a site and put the wheels fully in motion! A project truly created by AND for the local community.

We believe the possibilities are truly endless when moving around actively locally, especially when this is paired with a collective community to both engage with, and be supported by. We exist to activate both of these on the ground.

Our Members Are Us 

As a social enterprise (Community Interest Company limited by guarantee) we are designed from the ground up to serve our members. We are a wholly not for profit entity and have no shareholders. We take direction from our members only.

More than this, we DEMAND to be led by our members instincts, and want our future offering to be shaped by them. When it comes to matters of importance- whether this be hire provision; accompanying cycling proficiency training calendars; or broader strategic direction, we will hold votes and all our members will have an equal vote.

As our supporter base grows, and our membership revenues and/or donation streams increase, so too does our provision, and with it our ability to provide many more smiles per mile travelled in the local area! By becoming a member, of any kind, you play a pivotal role in delivering this enhanced provision.

Our Offer

At The Family Bike Club, we believe that offering the most comprehensive hire solution, tailored each and every time to the end-users specific needs, provides the greatest chance of success in making the transition to active travel become a permanent one. And with this, those smiles becoming a daily occurrence. We offer family longtail; cargo bikes; cargo box bikes; trailer cargo; tandem bikes; kids bikes; dog cargo (!); tagalongs; child seats; and much more besides!

We also believe that offering a suite of confidence-inspiring complementary services- such as cycle proficiency training; group rides; buddy programmes; led rides; to even small things such as our complimentary safety accessories with every hire, can make a big difference in the lives of our members. We strive to be the most community focused & egalitarian club in the industry; come see what we are all about.

Stop by our hub today, based in the heart of local journeys at Enfield Chase train station, to feel the The Family Bike Club difference.

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