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All sorts of Tan-dems; for all the local man and woman-dems!


What could be more fun than a local ride? Sharing it with a co-rider, that's what! Fore to the aft!

Cycling can sometimes be a lonesome pursuit (and hard work when it is always just you powering your journey!). With our tandem hire offering we want to change this!

We bring you truly social cycling in a myriad of forms. Share the fun and the leg work! 

We host a range of regular tandems (adult and adult; adult and child); semi recumbent tandems (adjustable to accommodate both adult and adult; and adult and child) as well hosting an ultra unique four person (quad!) tandem! One of only 2 ever (custom!) built by its maker.

Come to us with your requirements and we are convinced we will have the right setup for you.



Tagalong Bike Hire

Want to use and modify your own bike for an additional (small person) rider?

Tagalongs are the perfect fit for this. We offer a small selection of tagalong options complete with safety flags. Let your child engage in the active part of local journeys and feel the reward from their efforts. You could even let take charge of the pedaling solo on flat or   then this could be the one for you!

These are a great option if you want to build in some practice on legwork for little legs and they are also perfect if you are continuing your journey and do not want to have to carry a kids bike away with you after they have been dropped off on a school run for example.



Tandem Hire Price List

Tagalongs can either be hired as part of our membership package; for up to 10 day hires in any one month (that can be used consecutively) or on a fixed term hire at the price below.

We currently offer half daily and daily hire on of our tandems. We can also accommodate more extended hire e.g. weekend or vacation hire (UK only).


We also plan to offer tandems via membership (including up to 10 hires a month) for anyone particularly keen to make them a regular feature of their personal cycling programme. We can understand this desire! Watch this space!

Tagalong Hire

Half Day Hire- £5

Day Hire- £10

Weekend Hire- £15

Regular Adult: Adult Tandem Hire

Half Day Hire- £25

Day Hire- £40

Weekend Hire-£55

Regular Adult: Child Tandem Hire

Half Day Hire- £22

Day Hire- £35

Weekend Hire- £45

Semi-Recumbent Tandem Hire

Half Day Hire- £30

Day Hire- £45

Weekend Hire- £60

Quad Tandem Hire-

Half Day Hire- £55

Full Day Hire- £80

Weekend Hire- £105

Vacation & week long hire prices available on request

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