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(Wo)man & a Bicycle-Van- Emission-free last mile delivery in north London


May 06 2022

We are due to launch our crowdfunder imminently, in a bid to ensure our fleet can meet the needs of all residents and really keep the wheels turning for all things family cargo and family cycling. We also intend to use a small portion of the money raised to put some finishing touches onto our unit (like a sign for example!) 

We have had some early success in this area by being recognised by a couple of grant funds that will help elevate any level of funds raised by the wider public. Encouraging signs!

Watch this space (and watch our menu bar!) for more details of the project page once it is put live.

In the meantime.. keep those family cargo wheels-a-turning!



April 4, 2022

Upon pitching our concept to some brands who we deem to offer unique value to families in terms of their family cycling technologies, we have had a very strong response.

As a consequence we are shortly going to be offer an exclusive range of family cycling options; both in terms of family cargo and kids bikes that we believe will uniquely enable local miles to be covered with ease; as well as producing many local smiles! Our only 2 criteria!

Bicycle Store


May 09, 2022

We are seeking passionate local residents to join the TFBC family and help us to expand both our expertise and our ability to offer more opening hours at our hub.

Currently we are restricted by trying to retain any funding to be used in as large proportions as possible purely on the expansion of our equipment range, for the benefit of our members.

We therefore need help on covering other roles at our hub. If you like what we offer and would like to get involved, please get in touch via the contact option in the menu bar.

We look forward to welcoming you into the family soon!

Two Man Bicycle Store
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